Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Wedding - The Main Event(s)

For my last post of this Wedding Wednesday, devoted to our wedding, I am excited to share pictures from the main events of the wedding.

Its a bit of a long post, since it covers so much.  I would get a cup of coffee or tea and kick back with me for a bit.

Getting Ready
The girls version...
The Arsenal.

Crafts still happening...

Loved my hair.
I think this one is cool with the two beauty artists reaching for their tools at the same time!

 Finally pretty and ready to put on our dresses!

...and the guys version.

His momma and sister.

Handsome husband.

First Look
We chose to have our "first look" as I was walking down the aisle.  True to form, I was a sentimental cry face and Chris was cool, calm and collected.

Right before I turned the corner and looked up at my husband-to-be.
My heart was pounding, my palms were sweating so much that I could barely hold on to the bouquet and yet, it was one of the happiest seconds of my life. 

Smiles, tears...perfect.

Our ceremony started at 5pm.  Since we were married in early April, we tried to time the ceremony so that the pictures after the ceremony would happen during the "magic hour" of light before sunset.

Our guests were allowed to wine taste before the ceremony, so there are some pretty funny pictures of happy guests with wine glasses!

The Santa Rita Hills in the Santa Ynez Valley are super windy in the evening.  When we rehearsed the ceremony the day before and chose our standing spot, we did not take the wind and the ribbons blowing into account.  The result, I was getting hit in the face with ribbon for the first one to two minutes of our ceremony.  Comic relief is such an understatement to this moment, but any jitters I had washed right away when I had my nearly husband helping me figure out where to stand.  The laughter of the crowd helped ease my nerves as well. 
The mis hap was "us" to say the very least.

I just LOVE this pulled back ceremony shot.  You really get a feel for the whole scene.
The reader's read A Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton.
We had individual paper copies passed around for the guests to follow along.

Instead of doing a unity candle (which would have blow out from the wind, obviously), we planted a grape vine.  It was tricky to lift the heavy thing out of the bag, pot it, water it, all the while trying to stay clean, but it was such a special moment for Chris and I to share.
  And, Lafond let us take our love vine home!

We wrote our own vows, together. 
 I knew that in the heat of the moment I wouldn't hear what Chris was saying to me,
unless I had heard it beforehand.  So, we shared the vow writing task
and read each other the same beautiful words. 
 I have them in a shadow box at home now and we read them every Sunday.

The kiss. love, love, love.

The Party!

We had a one hour cocktail hour for our guests while the family and wedding party took pictures, followed by a cocktail party style reception, with self seating and encouraged mingling between the barrel room, tasting room and the outside patio.

Our first dance was to "Then," by Brad Paisley.  The perfect song for us, both lyrically and in style.  Being a girl from Oklahoma, I had to have a little two-step action in my first dance at my wedding and my husband  needed to learn that style of dancing as well!  We took three dance lessons to prepare and I think we rocked it!  The one request that I had is that I had a dip as a grand finale.  Guess what, we had two dips!

I hope you enjoy the last segment of our wedding photos, they really show the fun had by all!

Yummy charcuterie.

My sister rocking the grand entrance to Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours by Steveie Wonder

Our kiss after our entrance.  Notice the pashmina? 
We gave those out to all the ladies since it was a little chilly when the sun went down.

First Dance!  Being led by my husband! YAY! 

When it was time for us to do our toast, I realized our glasses were empty and everyone was already standing there to watch! 
So, I grabbed the closest beverage (Chris's Fat Tire Ale) and filled us up!

Singing and dancing, sisters.

 Gettin' down.

 Perfect picture of our dancing guests.

 Don't Stop Believing

I was so happy by the end of the night, I was in tears. 
Christopher and I pulled off our most perfect day in a better than perfect way.
This photo is of us dancing to the last song, I'll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday.

Sharing these photos with you all has made me laugh out loud, cry, smile from ear to ear and feel all the wonderful emotions that I felt on our wedding day.

Thank you. :)

P.S. I left out dress details on purpose.  Leaving that for a post to come!  Come visit!


  1. Great blog! You were picture perfect and it looks like a lot of FUN!

  2. Jeannette! I am going to had a link to your site up where I talk about the dance! Sound good?!