Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Wedding - The Decor

When Christopher and I began thinking of our perfect day, the first idea that came too mind regarding decor was that we wanted our decor to encourage our guests feel at home, welcome and cozy (and, my favorite color is purple and wine is purple, so the color was a done deal). 

We didn't want a black-tie affair (although, so chic), where the men were tugging at their collars and the women hated their feet by the end of the night.  And, we definetely wanted the food and wine to flow freely and guests mingle about (without table or seating assignments) as they ate, drank and danced the night away.

These ideas, paired with the fact that we wanted our wedding to be as home-made-with-love as possible all helped us in our decor design and choices.

Everything from the save the dates, to the invites, to the the bunting and napkins, even the plates our guests ate from were either made by us, a friend or family member, or picked out from a vintage shop just for them.

In addition to the cozy, home-made with love feeling we wanted our guests to carry with them through our event, we also really, really wanted to leave a low carbon foot print. 

Thus, our favors were all also elements of the wedding. 

Our "centerpieces" were actually plants that guests could take home, our napkins (made by my mom) and the plates were cleaned and set out along with the plants on a favor table for guests to put together a bag of goodies for the road.

I preface the decor pictures with all this sentiment because this cozy, home-made, earth friendly vibe was the "theme" of our wedding.  By the end of the planning process, we had dubbed our wedding as being rustic, backyard and home-made.  But, to Christopher and I, our wedding was us.  Two crafy winos, in love with each other, the earth and those we hold dear. 


Hand-made invites, wrapped in tissue paper, placed in a box and tied with a ribbon =
30 hours of work and many emails reading something like:
 "I thought someone sent me a present and I was sooo excited!  Most thoughtful invite ever!"

Shot from the cocktail patio looking out towards the ceremony area.
The bouquets.
Bridal bouquet. SWOON. 
Outside Centerpiece. 
We wanted the centerpieces to look like a coffee at home, candles, books, plants, wine corks...

Flowers on the chairs, lining the isle.  I LOVED this touch.

Home-made ceremony programs that were also props for our group photo!

Toss bags filled with lavendar and stamped with love.

I loved our guestbook table-bench!

Being the sentimental shutterbug that I am, I had our guests take polariods of themselves
and then attach the photos to a cork journal along with a note. 
 The book sits on our coffee table at home.

They wrote their note to us with my grandfather's Cross pen set.

We arranged for a yellow school bus to shuttle our guests. 
What is more cozy than that?! ;)
300 yards of home-made bunting.

Dance floor.  Yes, this is still falling out of my dress and into the dress bag.

We had purple paper confetti tossed all over the inside tables, too.

Centerpieces inside the barrel room, near the dance floor.  Don't the candles look pretty?!

Cake table!  Yummy!  Our cupcakes and mini cake were by Enjoy Cupcakes in Los Olivos, CA.
Side note, Enjoy has a shop in a winery in Los Olivos.  Cupcakes & wine?  Yes, please.

Favor table with our plants, plates, napkins and anything else left over for the guests.

Love is Sweet.

What is going to be the theme for your wedding?  Do you have decor ideas?  Any weddings that you have been too that make your heart warm?!

A few more posts to come today!  YAY!



P.S. I would be happy to give you any tips or pointers in your DIY projects.  Just email me! :)


  1. Are you serious that this is not out of a fairy tale? And was your actual wedding? You experienced it all?

    That is so gorgeous. I cannot tell you how much. I'm swooning over the purple effects and the coziness of it all. I wish I could just rewind it and experience it. Sigh.

    Gorgeous. :)

    What were you wearing? Pictures, please? :)

    1. Awww.....thank you so much for your super sweet comment that has already made my day. :) Yes, it was really my wedding and it did feel like a fairy tale! A little more than a year later, I still get all warm and fuzzy inside looking at these pictures! I never posted pictures of me because I thought it would be weird, but maybe I'll do a "year later" brial portrait post just for you! Shall we follow each other?!