Monday, June 13, 2011

Love L.A.

I figured the most appropriate way to start this venture is to give you all an inside peek into L.A.

I'm Lindsey Arotin!  I'm the one in the I love L.A. shirt! :)

                             (This was me in my tailgating uniform before a UCLA game!)

My amazing husband Christopher, below, and I were married on 4/9/2011 (favorite wedding pictures in a post to come - don't worry). 

(This was Chris watching me walk down the aisle.  He looks so happy here.  It melts my heart. The bearded guy on the left is our great friend, Colin.  He married us.)

I have 2 cool kitties. Nikolai Leopold Samuel Cat (4 yrs.) and Miles Dylan Davis Cat (1 yr).

                                         (Miles is the black one and Nikolai is the gray one.)

We live in a sweet, Santa Monica, CA bungalow that we bought in the midst of wedding planning last July. 
                                                       (That's it in the back corner.)
                                                     (This is our tropical courtyard!)

I love anything design & photography & crafting centric.

I even designed my french lace wedding dress and had it made just for me! (You will see pictures in the upcoming wedding pictures post.)

Now that the wedding is complete, I have been totally comitted to home design - so fun! I have lots of posts to come on that topic!

I love weddings.

In fact, Chris and I designed our wedding pretty much ourselves with the sewing skills of my momma, help from the lovely Lauryl Lane and event execution by Helen from With Grace Productions.

There is just something so wonderful about 2 people in love.  And, all of the wedding planning is probably the most fun / hectic, stressful / rewarding experience for a woman, ever.  Before motherhood, anyway.  If you are in to the kid thing.

I love wine.

Chris and I were married at Lafond Winery and Vineyards in Bulleton, CA (think the movie Sideways) because of my/our love of wine.

Side note: If & when you visit the winery page, check out the events page.  Our wedding is the main event there!

We are currently learning how to pair food and wine through Wine Spectator magazine and other wine blogs I read.  You can find links to them here!

I love entertaining.

To me, there is absolutely nothing better than creating a meal and sharing your home with those most near and dear to your heart.  I pride myself on being a fun, creative and caring hostess and will definitely be posting on some of my favorite hosting and party ideas! 

I love local, organic, very-home-made cooking.

I make bread and bagels from scratch for Chris every week!  We make our own pasta! And, my most favorite wedding gift was our food dehydrator.  I make everything from sun dried tomatoes to fruit roll ups - you will soon see!

Every Saturday between 8am-11am you can find me at our local farmer's market, across the street from our house!

I love yoga, core fusion, tennis and anything else that keeps my heart a tick-ticking.

And love to share my advice on health and wellness.  You are warned.

I love a good quote.

This blog will document all the things and people I love in my new life.  I'm excited! Enjoy.



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