Monday, June 20, 2011

Laphroaig Father's Day

Good Monday morning, my dears!  I hope your weekend was filled with lots of sunshine and time with the fathers in your life.

Christopher recieved a few special treats on Father's Day for being the best kitty father ever!

Look at Miles being sneaky in the window!

Nikolai too!

They were excited to give Chris his gifts! They must have noticed that he has been trying to learn about Scotch because they got him a bottle of Laphroaig!  He was soooo happy.

Boozies that we are, Christopher and I have been having Scotch a few times a month to try to learn the difference in taste between the different Scotch regions.  Laphroaig is from Islay, one of the six different Scotch regions in Scotland.  The Islay scotches have the most flavor.

Laphroaig is known to be very peaty and smoky.  We love it. We also learned that once you buy one bottle of Laphroaig, you can register to become a Laphroaig member and you can claim your free plot of land on the distillery!

I made Chris pose for a ton of pictures since this was the first fancy bottle of Scotch he had ever received.  He started getting antsy wanting to do a taste test, so I finally let him!

We need to invest in real Scotch sifters.  Whoops!  Don't laugh!
This is Chris checking the color.

Checking the "nose" and aromas. 
Laphroaig has aromas of smoke, peat, leather and a little sweetness on the finish. 

We also learned in this adventure that you taste Scotch much in the same way you taste wine.  First, checking the color, then the aromas, then the taste and the finish.  Interesting!

Do you like Scotch?  What is your favorite region or brand?  Do you have any suggestions you can give us about buying appropriate Scotch glasses?  We obviously need help with those! ;)

Have a beautiful day.



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