Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY Mancut!

A month or so ago, Chris started asking me to cut his hair. I have zero hair cutting experience (except for practice on Malibu Barbie), so naturally  I thought he was kidding.  As the weeks continued to pass since his last hair cut and the question persisted, I realized he was serious!
Finally, last Friday (after a glass or maybe two of champagne), I gave in to his request. 

I turned to Youtube for a tutorial and found a hilarious and super easy-to-follow video entitled How to Cut Your Man's Hair. You can see photos of my process below, but definitely watch the video if you are going to try this at home.

The video shows you the tools you will need, walks you through the grooming process step-by-step, and even gives other information about the cost of a man's haircut and what he could be doing for you with the money he saves. :)

With my new found haircutting confidence gained from the tutorial (and maybe the champage), I embarked on my hair cutting adventure.

My tools.
Clippers, #3 guard, hair cutting scissors, right and left ear guards.
Before shot, front and side.
Before shot, back and other side.
Chris with wet hair, pre cutting with clippers.

The right side after cutting the back and sides with clippers.

And, the left side. 
Chris's eyes show just how happy he is about this experience.
Like any good, male-focused salon, I gave my customer Scotch to enjoy during the experience.
Fun front view before I started on the top and front with the scissors.
Side and top view after my initial cut with scissors, before I started to blend.
Per the video above, blending is critical to a good mancut.
Finished product, happy man.

Chris and I agreed that I did a pretty great job for a mancutting virgin (Chris said I gave him the best cut he has ever had!), but I am sure I can improve my blending skills.

We also agreed that I will handle his mancuts from now on.  Not only was the experience easy and money saving, but it was also a super fun bonding experience for the two of us.

Have you ever cut anyone's hair before?  Do you cut your man's hair?  Do you cut your own hair? 



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  1. Great post! Did we decide on what you get in return for doing this every few weeks?!?