Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wealth Bowl

One of the main reasons I love Saturday afternoons (I'm obviously already looking forward to the long weekend) is that I get to reep the spoils of my farmer's market shopping endeavors.  My living room feels bright and alive with new plants and flowers, my kitchen smells of fresh herbs, my refrigerator and counter space are overflowing with produce and most of all, my wealth bowl is replinished.

For those of you that don't follow Feng Shui, a bowl or basket overflowing with citrus symbolizes a good life and wealth. Some people like to keep a bowl of oranges or one kind of other citrus, but I like to have options! 

If you decide to start a wealth bowl at home, be sure to keep the bowl overflowing at all times.  As the week goes along and we eat the fruit, I switch to a smaller bowl.  You don't want your wealth bowl empty, do you?!


I like our wealth bowl to live on our dining room table because it encourages us to eat the fruit, serves as a no-brainer centerpiece, looks pretty and invites our guests to enjoy the fruit as well.  Win-win situation all around. :)

Do you keep a wealth bowl at home?  Do you follow Feng Shui?  Do you have any easy Feng Shui cures to share? 

Have a lovely Thursday!



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Your Average Engagement Ring

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!  I am super excited about this Wedding Wednesday post because its all about a girl's best friend, diamonds! (and other gems).

I have noticed that ever since the royal engagement ring was unveiled, I and many other women I know, have been totally infatuated with non-typical engagement rings.

Just look at Kate's big beautiful sapphire above, who wouldn't want to flaunt a stone so beautiful on their pretty little finger?!

Given this new found obsession, I wanted to share some of the most fabulous, and at times cost effective, engagement rings that I have searched out to share with you.  Most of which, are anything but average.  Who needs average anyway?!

I want to start this adventure by showing you some beautiful styles that you may have seen, but aren't quite average.  Then, we will move into show-stoppers!

This 1940s asscher cut design is very close to my heart.
Any guesses as to why? ;)

Although this style has become rather popular recently, it is still no where near as typical as the princess cut, pronged diamond.  Such a beautiful, modern take on a classic cut and setting.
I love this art deco beauty, don't you?!
Not only is the diamond gorgeous, but how about the design around the main diamond?!

This one is fabulous, too!
From Romancing The Stone.

My great friend, Lynne, has always raved to me about her dream engagement ring, a canary diamond.  Holy swoon-tastic, elegant and regal!

How about this fantastic take on a typical style - a yellow sapphire in place of a diamond!
Can't you picture it on your finger?!  I sure can!

This one from Brillant Earth rocks, too.

Now on to settings, styles, gems and designers that will stop you in your tracks.

St. Kilda Jewelry out of Brooklyn stole my breath.  The next three images are my favorites from the shop.
Beautiful, unique diamond. Beautiful, creative bands. 
 Click here for the price of the diamond ring.

The pink tint in the stone tells us that the gem is in fact a pink sapphire - SO BEAUTIFUL. 
Click here to see the price difference when using a pink sapphire in place of a diamond.
Why wouldn't you go pink?!

I love the vintage style of this skinny emerald cut ring
And, I am such a sucker for mixing metals and gems.

Hello, Harry!!!! My next to-die-for design comes from the one and only Harry Winston.  My jewelry life goal is to own a vintage Harry Winston piece.  Christopher, did you read that?! hehehe.
How unique and awesome is this design from Harry's new Lily Cluster collection?
Can you imagine your man down on one knee showing you this beauty in a box?!
The price point isn't bad either, in case you want to show your special someone.

The next beauty comes from the shop Bario Neal, based in Philly.  There are two things I LOVE, love, love about this shop - they use conflict-free diamonds and recycled precious metals!.  Happy Earth, happy diamond, happy girl.

This is the Avens ring
Its a classic style, but the clean diamond and recycled metal makes it soooo unique.

which means the diamond is set, just how it is found.
One of a kind, by nature.  HOW AWESOME!

Next up are beautiful and interesting rings from the gals at Turtle Love Co. in Portland, ME.  The link will take you to their philosophy page, because it says it all!  Conflict-free diamonds, recycled metals, independent artist designs.  I would wear any of these rings for those qualities alone! (Not to mention that they are way cool and beautiful.)

I love the rose gold vine!
What a unique way to set the diamond.

I can totally see this on a beach baby bride.

Ahhhh, amethyst.  How whimsical, mysterious and sophisticated!
Triple love.

Do you just love any of the rings I have featured today?!  Is your ring very you? Is it unique?  Is your diamond clean, your metal recycled?  What kind of ring would you love to wear on your pretty little finger?!

Hope you have enjoyed the eye candy today!



P.S. For those of you already engaged and looking for wedding bands, check out this, this, this, this, this and this!!

For your guy, how cool, how cool, and how cool!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY Mancut!

A month or so ago, Chris started asking me to cut his hair. I have zero hair cutting experience (except for practice on Malibu Barbie), so naturally  I thought he was kidding.  As the weeks continued to pass since his last hair cut and the question persisted, I realized he was serious!
Finally, last Friday (after a glass or maybe two of champagne), I gave in to his request. 

I turned to Youtube for a tutorial and found a hilarious and super easy-to-follow video entitled How to Cut Your Man's Hair. You can see photos of my process below, but definitely watch the video if you are going to try this at home.

The video shows you the tools you will need, walks you through the grooming process step-by-step, and even gives other information about the cost of a man's haircut and what he could be doing for you with the money he saves. :)

With my new found haircutting confidence gained from the tutorial (and maybe the champage), I embarked on my hair cutting adventure.

My tools.
Clippers, #3 guard, hair cutting scissors, right and left ear guards.
Before shot, front and side.
Before shot, back and other side.
Chris with wet hair, pre cutting with clippers.

The right side after cutting the back and sides with clippers.

And, the left side. 
Chris's eyes show just how happy he is about this experience.
Like any good, male-focused salon, I gave my customer Scotch to enjoy during the experience.
Fun front view before I started on the top and front with the scissors.
Side and top view after my initial cut with scissors, before I started to blend.
Per the video above, blending is critical to a good mancut.
Finished product, happy man.

Chris and I agreed that I did a pretty great job for a mancutting virgin (Chris said I gave him the best cut he has ever had!), but I am sure I can improve my blending skills.

We also agreed that I will handle his mancuts from now on.  Not only was the experience easy and money saving, but it was also a super fun bonding experience for the two of us.

Have you ever cut anyone's hair before?  Do you cut your man's hair?  Do you cut your own hair? 



Monday, June 27, 2011

First Art Show!

My very first art show took place yesterday at the James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station.  I was lucky enough to have my huz by my side and some best friends turn out to support me.

Between the photobooth, balloon animal man, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as drink option (never happens at big events), food truck grub, a DJ who loved to play Michael Jackson and super awesome art, we had a fantastic time!

Aren't balloon animals so awesome?!  I would totally have a balloon animal person at my wedding if I could do it all over again!

Do you like going to art shows?  Is there one coming up in your city soon?

Let me know if you would like to see some more of my art, or buy an edition of my photo above!



Heart Shaped Biscuits & Jam

Happy Monday, lovelies!  How was your weekend?  I hope it was full of summer sun and fun.

Chris and I had a great weekend.  I fullfilled my strawberry jam making goal and I even made multigrain, heart shaped biscuits to go with the jam (see photos below!).  My very first art show was super fun (photos coming) and we capped our weekend with Bloody Mary's, jerk chicken & dirty rice and True Blood!

Oxnard strawberries from the farmer's market.

 Strawberry mashing is fun. :)

Coffee, newspaper, buscuits = perfect morning

Multigrain Heart Shaped Biscuits

2 cups Trader Joes Multigrain baking mix
2/3 cup milk (I used 1% milk)
3 tbsp Oil

Mix ingredients together in a bowl.  Once well mixed, knead dough on a floured surface 8-10 times until smooth.  Roll or pat the dough until its 1/2 inch thick, then use a floured dough cutter in the shape of your choice! Pop buscuits in the oven, on a non greased cookie sheet, at 425 for 8-10 minutes.  Top with delicious jam - yummy.

Strawberry Jam Recipe